Eight Best Skillet Recipes When Looking for Something New

Skillets are the perfect way to get dinner on the table quickly and simplify cleanup. Also, they are often one of the healthier ways to cook something and adding vegetables if often much easier. Today, we have taken time to gather the eight best and most unique recipes on the market for you to try at dinner soon.

Skillet Mac & Cheese


Who doesn’t love mac’n’cheese? First published as Aunt Millie’s Mac and Cheese in the September/October edition of Simple & Delicious this recipe has been time tested. This super creamy meal seems almost too good to be true with an option to add halved tomatoes and ground pepper for seasoning.

Beefy Rice Skillet

Next on this list is this easy dinner that has a total time of 30 minutes, 7 whole ingredients, 6 servings, and only 10 minutes of prep. However, while simple, this meal is full of complex flavors. Make sure you have mixed vegetables, garlic, onion, beef, and rice, to name just a few of the seven nutritional additions of this meal.

Hunt’s Bruschetta Skillet Chicken

Another from the Ready Set Eat website brings us this bruschetta. With 15 minutes of prep time, 30 total minutes cooling, 7 ingredients, and 5 servings this made for the family meal will be ready in no time. Sponsored by Hunt’s make sure you get all the diced tomatoes and tomato cause you need to get the job done right.

Easy Beef Taco Skillet

If you’ve had a busy day, this meal will save you time and money right on the stovetop. In addition to the love it will get from your family, you will be glad that it can end up on your table in minutes. After dinner, relax and know you’ll have leftovers tomorrow.

Beefy Skillet Ravioli

Though we can promise not everything on this list contains beef, the simplicity of cooking ground beef into meals on a skillet will make even the pickiest eaters appreciate the time-saving tricks cow has to offer. This meal provides protein, carbs, and vegetables all in one flavorful Italian style meal.

One Skillet Trout With Green Beans and Almonds

If you live with easy access to rainbow trout and green beans, this fresh meal will be perfect for you. All you’ll need is rainbow trout, salt, pepper, butter, green beans, almonds, lemon, and chicken broth for the perfect meal.

Lighter Pan-Fried Chicken with Green Beans and Tomatoes

Deep-frying isn’t always the best option for food. In addition, it’s far more unhealthy when compared to other types of cooking. However, pan frying in a skillet can get you the texture you’re looking for with less of the hassle. After cooking, pop it in the oven and add green beans to finish it off.

Easy Skinny Lasagna

If you’re looking for all the taste with less of the punishment, then this meal can help you keep your habits in check. Make sure that you take your dine and cook everything as planned to ensure that you end up with the best, and healthiest, lasagna we’ve found to date.