How to Stop Ruining Your Nonstick Pan

If you have a nonstick pan in your kitchen, there is a high chance that you are doing something to shorten its lifespan. Here’s a look at how to stop the damage fast.

Recently, we took note that many people didn’t realize nonstick pans didn’t have the same rules as stainless steel or cast iron. As it turns out, many cooks are using and abusing their nonstick pans without even knowing! Rather than let this continue, we’re going to talk about how you can stop ruining your nonstick pans by changing just a few simple habits.

Metal Utensils

If you are cooking on nonstick, then metal is a big thing to avoid. Nonstick relies on a coating to ensure that the food stays intact. Metal will scratch this coating and make the nonstick less effective. Nonstick pans aren’t as durable as cast iron or stainless steel. Rather than throw money away, use wooden or silicone utensils to make sure your pots last longer and aren’t ruined.


Though many nonstick pans are dishwasher friendly, that doesn’t mean the dishwasher is completely safe. If your pan is banging around the dishwasher on a regular basis, the hot water, chemicals, and other plates in the wash may be doing more harm to your pans than you think. For the safest option, try washing your dishes by hand. If you use a dishwasher, make sure that your pan won’t rattle around while the cycle is on.


When you head a pan, it should always have something in it. Heating a pan with no oil or food can cause the pan to warp, release chemicals, or get too hot. In addition, you are wasting electricity and creating a dangerous situation. Once you add in the cold oil to the hot pan, you might get a reaction that you don’t enjoy. Rather than letting any of this happen, try adding the oil or butter before heating the pan. 

Cooking Spray

Though cooking spray might seem easier, it’s worse on your pan. Each time you use it, chances are you don’t put something on each part of it. That lets it bake onto the nonstick. Eventually, this can create a film and negate the effects of the nonstick altogether. If you want to avoid any possible issues, why not use butter or oil? It’s just as healthy as cooking spray and can even make the food taste better.

High Heat

Though cooking at high heat is good for some meals, keeping it too high all the time can warp your pan and lead to issues with the coating. In addition, cooking everything at a high temperature can lead to fewer health benefits from the meals. To solve this, simply cook everything at a lower temperature. While it might take longer both your pans and your body will thank you.

Temperature Changes

Another big temperature-related no-no is changing the temperature. If you pan was boiling water, the last thing you want to do is put it under the ice. Rapid temperature changes can lead to pan warping and issues with the coating. As with previous issues, the fix here is simple. If you need to cool something, take it off of the hot pan. Also, don’t run water over a hot pan to cool it off, just be patient.

Overall, there are many ways that we can hurt our pans without realizing. However, making simple changes can vastly improve the life and quality of a nonstick pan. If you are looking for a new skillet, why not try an Almond Home skillet?