Why Cooking on a Ceramic Skillet is Great for Your Health

You might have come to this website in search of the best nonstick skillet around. However, once you were here, you also found our amazing ceramic skillet. Then, you wondered what the big deal was. Is it better or healthier in any way? Today, we’re hopping back a few steps to talk about why ceramic skillets are just as good, maybe even better than, nonstick skillets. 

Ceramic skillets are relatively new to the market. Only recently have bigger brands been looking at and jumping into the creation of this type of cookware. This high-quality cookware has quite a few positives for us to look at. However, don’t let all the positives keep you from making an informed decision with the few negatives that come into play.  


Benefits of Ceramic Cookware 

More Efficient 

This type of cookware or skillet is much more efficient than older types. This is usually because the base that is under the ceramic is made of aluminum, meaning it has a much easier time transferring heat evenly and efficiently when compared to steel or cast iron. 


Much like a traditional nonstick skillet, ceramic cookware is smooth and only requires a little butter or oil to keep the food from sticking. When looking at stainless steel or cast iron, you can quickly see the advantage. 


Since these skillets and pots are made from aluminum and ceramic, the cookware overall has a lighter weight. Cast iron is famous for being heavy while many nonstick pans can be made from heavy steel. 


While top quality cookware will always be more pricey, ceramic cookware often comes in at a lower price point than cast iron or stainless steel. This helps you cook with the best without spending like the rest! 

Lower Heat 

When you cook with ceramic, you don’t have to keep the stove to quite as high of a heat. This allows you to cook food faster and spend less money on electricity while cooking. In addition, cooking at a lower heat can keep the food from drying, resulting in a better meal overall. 


Negatives for Ceramic Cookware 


Unlike cast iron or stainless steel, ceramic isn’t a tough cookware. Think about the ceramic plates you’ve had for years. Chances are, some are scratches, and others have been broken before. As such, it makes sense that ceramic cookware can suffer the same fate if you are not careful. Make sure never to use sharp or metal utensils on ceramic. If you stack, make sure to keep a cushion layer between each pot or pan to protect it from scratching. 

You’ll Have to Use Fat 

If you are looking for a true fat-free cooking experience, then ceramic isn’t going to work. As a nonstick, you’ll still have to use a bit of butter, fat, or oil to ensure that what you are cooking doesn’t stick to the pan. That’s not to say that your meal won’t still be healthy. However, it is something to think about if you are on a strict diet. 



Ceramic is by far one of the best cooking materials on the market right now. If you want to save money, cook healthier, and make better meals, then this is the way to go. If you are ready to take the plunge, check out our shop! 


If you are thinking about getting a ceramic skillet and still haven’t made up your mind, please contact us, and we can help you make the best decision for your home and wallet. Our line of skillets runs in multiple sizes and finishes allowing you to get what you need no matter what.